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My faults seem to follow largely a previous one but maybe some one can help. I have a Zafira 1.8i yr 2000

Vehicle ran well but about 10 months ago the spanner appeared so I took it to the vauxhall dealer who changed a o2 (i think Sensor) a week later the same thing happen and eventually I got it back in for the other sensor to be changed. Vehicle behaved well for a month but the spanner reappeared and I suffered hesitation on acceleration. The throttle body was cleaned and again the vehicle responded for a while but deteriorated. It then failed to start orif it did the engine idled but refused to accelerate. It was towed in and the Throttle body replaced. Later this reoccured and the vehicle had to be collected again. Thet found nothing wrong and informed me for not the first time I was running the fuel too low and that I should keep it above quater full.

I have put up with the hesitation for some time as each visit to the dealer cost me money and I seemed to hae no satisfaction. The vehicle has steadily got worse and has on a number of occasions failed to start mainly after being run for a short distance. When left for 5- 10 minutes it will start ok. The other symptom which is getting worse is when I turn a corner it will momentarily cut out then pick up again. I wondered if their is a crash cut out somewhere which is activating on cornering. I don't imagine it is fuel starvation as it is too instant. Has anyone any suggestions besides changing the car?
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