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I have recently bought my Zafira 1.6 16V and I have run into some problems with power loss. I have done some reading about this and read a lot about an EGR valve and thought that I might have the same problem. The symptoms are similar to those I have read about where the car will lose power unexpectedly under acceleration and will become difficult to drive. Also there are no warning lights or errors anywhere.

I called my dealer who told me to bring the car in to have it checked. On the way in I filled the petrol tank and took it in, the problem went away before I got to the dealer, this made me feel like a real tit as the dealer could find no problems when testing.

However I have noticed that whenever the car goes below half tank, or closer to quater really the problem reappears until filled up again.

Can anyone advise if this is a known issue, give any suggestions or is it a "safety" feature built into the engine to stop the car completely running out of fuel? I have read where someone was advised by a VX dealer to keep the tank above quater, is this true or are they clutching at straws?
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