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Help me please,

I have a 2litre Zafira comfort Di, registered Feb 2000(V). (There's no T in there, but a turbo is definitely fitted, is that normal)

Last year it was having trouble starting, took it into a garage (single man operation), he replaced the injector seals, but in the end the thing wouldn't start at all (long story):shame:.

He then changed the injector pump, started OK and ran for about 9 months. Then it started to struggle a bit at starting again, and rapidly changed to not starting at all. I could turn it over and it felt like only one cylinder was catching, occasionally it would start but I'd only be able to rev for a couple of seconds before it died again.

Towed it into a decent garage this time and they came back saying that there it smelt like there was petrol in the fuel, then rang back saying they've drained some fuel and it wasn't that(confused).

Now they've hand pumped fuel and it starts, stop hand pump engine stops, diesel specialist comes in and sez it looks like the injector pump....:cry:

It was only replaced about 10 months ago, and I don't want to lay out for another.(the odds of getting another from the original guy are low and would be drawn out, even if it is warranted and not a second hand one)

What causes these pumps to fail, is it electronics or mechanics?

Should it have failed after such a short time, Is there a cheaper alternative, Is it the return pipes or something else, where can I get a good cheap pump etc. etc.

Any help is much appreciated.
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