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Hi All,

As a newbie I come to you for words of wisdom, I hope you can help. Sorry it is long winded but please bare with me.

I have a diesel Zafira 'Y' plate and she has been a geat runner until now. The other week my wife went out to take the kids to school and no power steering.

I called the RAC and they informed me it was the electric pump. Promptly drove just down the road on the way to the garage and it started working again. Garage checked it and said there was a low engine speed fault but nothing other than that. OK for a few days and then it went again.

This was intermitent but now it has gone for good.

I have tested the alternator and it puts out a good 14v or so although the battery is a little down on voltage when the engine isn't running it seems to be charging up, however, when I put it on a charger the other day it wouldn't reach full charge.

I know that to change the pump you should really drop the subframe by the looks of it, but I have heard and on viewing, I reckon you can extract the pump from above after moving the diesel filter and turbo piping.

The question is have I exhausted all reasonable checks before I dive in a spanners a flying?

I just don't fancy spending £1200 on a garage bill.

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