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My father has a 2000 Zafira 1.8 elegance which has developed an intermittent fault which according the VX main dealer means a new ECU.

Symptoms are the 'spanner' warning light will come on whilst driving. But occationally that and a light that I think means ABS or traction control?? (a skidding car in a triangle) comes on at startup, when this happens the accelerator does nothing and the car idles very roughly between 1100 and 1400 rpm.

Had the car serviced by a local garage and he looked at the error codes at the same time and said the throttle body needed cleaning, which he did, but the fault still appears now and then.

My father really can't afford a new ECU, and I thought I'd see if anybody on here has any advice.

As a bit of info for anybody else the local garage also told me how to reset the service indicator on the same car.... hold the trip reset button in whilst turning on the ignition and wait then release the trip button after the display resets.
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