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Hello everyone

I have been having some trouble with my Zafira.
It has failed MOT due to too much Co in the emissions, garage has tried to help but so far they have not been able to rectify the issue and my certificate has expired.

Specification CO - 0.20%
Fast Idle CO - 0.32 %
Second Fast Idle CO - 0.37%

So the work that has been carried out, Cam cover removed to check PCV diaphragm. Throttle body cleaned and operation check. Inlet manifold checked for swirl flap assembly, EGR channel cleaned of deposits. None of it cured the problem but I am grateful for the cleaning non the less.

Currently the car will idle high on cold start, it will surge to 3000 rpm when turning over and will settle around 1500 rpm.
In low the car will surge on first and second which is very problematic.
I have listen to the engine and can hear a faint hiss of the engine coming from the cam cover. Removing the dipstick and oil cap i can feel suction and audible change in the engine sound.

I also have one DTC on the ECU (P160638 - Engine Torque not plausible - Not present), and have take some data from a live read. When in idle my throttle sensor sticks at 24% and light peddle press will take it to 40% or more.

My plan is to get some tools and roll up my sleeve to do some fixing. I'm thinking new Cover and gasket, new throttle body and throttle position sensor.
The only problem is I'm not 100% certain of what I need to buy, probably a Haynes manual first. Any advice on parts for the Z16XE1 would be helpful.

Any tips on getting the car working would be appreachited, especially things to check.

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