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I'm sure we all agree that the cupholder design on the Zafira B is just... Tragic. Add to that I am 5"3 and it means in my driving position, the armrest really covers the handbrake as it is.

I have seen someone mod a Vectra C cup holder which looks neat but its a bit involved for me.

I was going to try mod something into the coin tray, but Iv discovered that with the handbrake down, it cuts off any space.

If I raise it, then it interferes with the gears.

The window hanger type cupholders are terrible.

The window suction type ones I just dont trust.

The plastic foldable ones which can be stuck or screwed....again I dont trust the adhesive.
Screwing leaves holes in the trim, plus its plastic so if it breaks I'm left with 4 holes.

The metal version looks sturdy enough but look fugly, and also requires screws.

Someone must know of a product that works....

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