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Buzzing / Wiring from front and few other questions

Hello, I have a Zafira B 56 plate 1.6 which has a Buzzing / Wirring sound emanating from the rear of the near side head lamp. It's got slightly
louder so just wondered if anyone knew what it was?

As I am new to the Zafira I thought I would also ask, is there no warning light for low water / coolant. It's just that the heater stopped working in the car and this is just 6 months since I bought and had the car serviced. I discovered the system was 2.1 L down on coolant and as far as I can work out, that's 1/3 of the water capacity!!! And no warning light, is this correct?

The other quick query is that a CD cannot be inserted as if there was a CD already in there, but eject does nothing either. Only the radio works. Is this radio / CD in need of replacement?
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