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Hi all

A few days ago the EML and ESP light came on my Zafira B (2007) Diesel Automatic 1.9CDTi. This caused the car to go into 'safe mode' and couldn't drive it more than around 15mph. I left the engine off for around 20 mins and the ESP alert disappeared (I think EML was still on). I eventually got home after repeating this process around 3 times. I took it to a main dealer who diagnosed it as a problem with the ECU and/or the ABS control unit. The following codes were found:


He has cleared the alerts but suggested the was forward was to replace the ECU first (orginally £1000 but now £500 discount) and if that did not resolve it the ABS control unit at £700. (gulp!)

I was 300 miles away from home but decided to monitor it and managed to get home today. The ESP light did come on once but I turned the inigtion off and it cleared straight away.

So any ideas what the problem could be given the abocve codes/symptons?

I am not so sure I need to go all out and replace the ECU/ABS when maybe there is a sensor or wiring at fault? Maybe he did not look at it long enough (I paid for diagnostic and 1 hour labour) but he did not request more diagnositic time....

I will probably take to auto sparky but would be good if anyone can advise?

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