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I have a Zaf A and one of the floor mounted seatbelt clips has jammed and won't release.
I have a dog clip in each of the clips and although I have tried WD40, somehow the mechanism seems totally jammed so obviously not safe if the seats were to be used.
I see on Ebay there are complete units available with both clips in place on a bracket which appears to fix with a hexagon headed bolt to a point in the recess on the floor. Two questions:
a) Can the unit be removed simply from inside the car? - i.e. is there a captive nut or something permanent to hold the bolt opr is it more complex than simply unscrewing the bolt?
b) Are the units the same for Zaf A and Zaf B - there seem to be more of the Zaf B variety available than those for Zaf As.

Hoping someone can help - Thanks
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