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Just bought this car/people carrier a few weeks ago due to my Vectra's transmision giving in the Air Con never worked on that one so not ofey with how it works. :mmmm .

Right the problem! Nice and warm day then weather turns poor Air Con is on, starts to chuck down all nice and cold in the car turn Air Con off car steams/fogs up not a little but dangerously bad only thing to clear is switch Air Con back on clears in minuits. Drove home last week weather nasty at start but warm so Air Con on as we got further north weather still raining and cooler switch air con off car steams/fogs up only way to clear is to keep A/C on not good being cold on an 8hr drive. Next humid night cool out side get in car nothing on drive 100yards turn heater on steam/fog then switch off does not clear. Only way A/C on.

Help!:shake what is wrong:rolleyes: .
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