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Hey guys, i got a major issue with my winter car here. (It's a 08 Saab 9-3.. And Saab forums offered no help at all)

So, the car in question has a Z19DT (8v) engine.

So, the symptoms: The car started to become difficult to start, cranking for about 5 sec. At the time i suspected a bad battery, due to it being way below freezingpoint. And the engine turned quite slowly, and using jumpleads got the car running. A symptom that had happend a few times (Once a week) was that it cranked for about 5 seconds, fired but died, continued cranking then start. (constantly holding the key in ST)
Now the last few days that symptom has become constant, untill today where it suddenly refuses to start.

PS: might be worth mentioning that about 5 days ago i was in a hurry to leave, the car wouldn't start. (Lazy because of the battery i suppose) and when i let go of the key i heard a loud bang from the engine, after that the "Limited performance" lamp showed up, but i am unaware if the sound i heard was just the car misfireing at a bad time. And that "Limited Performance" might be the EGR valve filled up with diesel.

The strange part in all of this, is that when i have first gotten the car to run, it runs like a dream, no problem with loss of power or stalling, the idle keeping itself seemingly nice and smooth.

So the code says that there is a malfunctioning circuit, so i wanted to check the sensor itself to see if there was a problem.

I took off the top cover to the timing belt, and exposed a rusty cam gear, but even so i decided to proceed with the testing before anything else.
testing the three plugs (Car NOT running at this point, testing using a paperclip earlier just made the volts jump back and forth, so didn't give me much.)

Plug 1: ~5 volts.
Plug 2: ~5 volts.
Plug 3: Ground.

Seeing on the cam gear that there was a gap, i decided to turn the engine over until it was right under the sensor. It now read:

Plug 1: ~5 volts
Plug 2: 0 volts.
plug 3: ground.

So, can this be a still faulty battery? (Changed into another one to try) Even if it doesn't start with jump leads? Is it safe to rule out that the Sensor is intact and working?

I have read that the woodruff key might break the crank gear, but would the car still run smoothly then? (Both on high RPM and on idle)

It is worth mentioning that i have just checked the timing on the belt, and its fine.
I have also tried several diffrent batteries, and it is still hard to start.

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they have been known for the key way to break in the crank pulley , the engine will seem to be timed up ok but actually isn't , hence a cam sensor code being thrown up .
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