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Hi all.
Have a tidy astra coupe 2003 z18xe 1.8.
Just got new wheels. Sprayed the body kit to freshing it up now looking into the engine.

I want to pull out the z18xe engine and replace it with a turbo engine. Was thinking the z20let? As far as i am aware the engine mount are the same.

Question 1) will the drives on the car atm fit the z20 gearbox?

Question 2) what else will be needing after i get gearbox,intercooler,exhaust system, fuel pump, timing belt kit, clutch and flywheel ecu and loom.

I know new brake discs and pads but to honest the ones on it at the moment will do the trick.

Question 3) anyone done this? If so have you come into any hidden problems you probably wouldnt have realised before you starter?

Question 4) is the z20leh mush different i know this engine is for the newer models but it worked out the same work for the let engine i may aswll go for the 40 extra bhp
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