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Hello to all,
I have a couple of questions for you Vectra's gurus. Next month I will buy a Vectra C 2.2DTi or 1.9 CDTi (Elegance or Comfort). The question is wich one is the best for durability of the engine?
I heard a friend of mine saying that a 2.2DTi engine is generally submited to lower pressure and strain. He said that this factor would allow the 2.2DTi to endure more time and Kms than the 1.9CDTi. Is this correct?
Also, for the 2.2DTi, it looks from the posts of used cars available for sale in Germany, that the only difference between Comfort and Elegance series is the Klimatronic feature beeing available only in the Elegance. Is this correct?
I also noticed that the Elegance 1.9CDTi also has Navigation System.

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