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Hi all,
Just an update first, after having many problems with autogearbox and Xenon headlights and can say that after fitting the box on my own, it was well worth the hassle and all is ok. I have sorted the lights(connector on front suspension was all rusty, cleaned and all is well)Thanks to all your help and info:D . I can't believe the difference between normal angel eyes and Xenon. this should have been fitted to all Omegas as standard.
Anyway, enough rambling, the question is.....I was Fiddling with the buttons on the computer stalk and found that if I hold both buttons, the display shows 3 numbers 1 top right 1 top left and 1 bottom right. The one on the top right was 052, the one on the bottom right was 26 something the other one I can't remember.
What are they and does it mean anything to somebody like me?. I was only trying to change the display to degrees f instead of degrees c, not sure if this can be done.

Any answers, as usual will be gratfully appreciated.

Many thanks
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