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I was just wondering does the colour affects anything.
Because I was going on 13000 K while the dealer told me the optimal is 8000k and he said if I'm not bored with yellow to go for 4500K

why not 11000K or 13000K ?

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Stick to 4300K to 4700K to remain at least partially legal!!

The very high Kelvin ones tail off into the violet / ultra violet range an give off a lot less visible (usable) light.

Also you WILL get nicked for having VERY blue or purple lamps.

Optimal is about 4300K to 4500K - which is the standard colour fitted to most makes of vehicle eg. BMW, Merc etc. This gives a very intense SLIGHTLY blue tint white, 4700K is a blueish white, 6000K and over is really blue.

The number has NOTHING to do with output - just colour.

I suspect the the dealer is talking crap as 8000K has less visible output than 4300 or 6000!!

Try these guys - I bought mine from here.

also a handy colour chart.

If you join the Omega Owners group (Yahoo)
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