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Right well after alot of consideration i've decided to sell my car (mainly because the missus cant drive it as it has no PAS). Anyway the spec:

Vauxhall Nova 1.5D Merit Plus Van Conversion With 2.0 16v Xe Out Of A Astra Mk3 With 88.000 Miles (Bought Of Colin Smith) Does Run Fine With No Smoke Or Rattling On Start Up Just Needs A New Dissy Which I Should Have On Tuesday.
Solid Shell Had Full GM Front Panel 2x GM Wings 2x Sills And 2x Rear Arch Repair Kits Repainted in Flame Red
6 Months Tax & 12 Months MOT
List Of New Parts
1x Hub
2x Front Wheel Bearing
2x Inner CV Joints (1.6 Caviler MK2)
2.0 16v Mounting Kit
1x Drives Side Rubber Mount
1.6 8v Radiator
Track Rod Ends x2
Irmscher Powercap
New dissy cap
New plugs+HT leads
New Oil + Filter
New battery

List Of Parts:
GSi bodykit
Corsa C SXi Alloys Sprayed Grey not the softstars
2.0 16v Calipers With Vented And Grooved Disc's (Very Little Use)
GSi Shafts With New Inner CV Joints
Bilsteins B10 Suspension Kit With Vsport 90mm Rear Springs
Smooth tailgate (not my choice fella's)

Anyway i'll let the pictures do the talking

I Do also have pictures during the build if a buyer would like to see them also, I will be on the lookout for something else so let me know what you have




Cannonball will win with or without you
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What's with the accelerator cable ? doesn't look right .

Cannonball will win with or without you
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After looking at a few Nova conversion pics , there is nothing wrong with it .
Just used to seeing a direct route to the drivers side bulk head .
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