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My Astra G X18XE1 engine is idling roughly with error code logged: P0130 (high voltage) - which means rich mixture. The car has done 208000 kms and all the cylinders have equal compression.

Parts checked from another Astra with a fine running engine: coil pack, MAF sensor, EGR valve, O2 sensor.

New parts: spark plugs, fuel filter.

I also tried a spare ECU I have that has been programmed for the car.

Cleaned the throttle body and used some fuel injector cleaner.

The problem is only with the idle. The engine starts easily and drives normally, with no loss of power. I assume the rough idle is not caused by an air leak because the error code P0130 (high voltage) means the mixture is rich? The engine runs fine while driving, so the fuel injection system seems to be working ok and there are no other fault codes logged. I am not sure what to check next. Any help would be appreciated.
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