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This could be my last message in this forum... my '95 (bought new back then!) Astra 1.6 16V is brain dead :( at the Opel garage... it has a damaged engine block. One of the water passages close to one cylinder is so much eroded that head gasket could not keep water for getting into the engine (I have taken a couple pictures, if you are curious about it)

Repair, with a reconditioned engine (2 year warranty from Opel) is about 4000 Euro :shame: . What has got me :grrr is that the car has only 89.000km, 99% carefully driven by me. Mechanic has told me this is a 'common fault' on these engines (X16XEL) and I wonder if this is true. If so, what a crap design :grrr!

Car has shinny original paint and interior is immaculate... what a pity to send it to the breakers :shame:!

Best regards from a sad boy,

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