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I have a Mk2 astra 16v GTE in Grey.

Currently started stripping for parts. Sold a few bits to members on here, but plans have changed so im looking to sell the car complete now.

There is no tax or mot on the car. Included in the sale would be the engine and all associated parts, box rad etc. Brakes 300mm disks on front, courteney suspension. Front and back courteney leather interior. Irmscher backbox. Italavalnti (sp) steering wheel. and a few other bits and a few spares.

Im looking for around £325-350 ono for someone to come tow her away and all the leather seats, exhausts, etc and maybe get her back to her former self, or sell the parts and im sure make more money back.

If anyone interested in knowing more pm me or email me on [email protected]

This car is not currently road worthy and would need transporting sufficiently.

This is the car before it come off road a couple of years back, allthough the lights and wheels are no longer on the car.

Brief Description

the car is unroad worthy as no TAX and mot, and would need more suitable
wheels tyres to drive.

The engine has done approx 110k but mileage showing more, the reason for this
being I had a 220+bhp SBD throttle body engine in the car. This
decided to detonate on me, and was removed, the original XE was then but back in
allthough is not fully plumbed in, the fuel pipes need connecting
up and the exhaust fitted.
I have loads and loads of paperwork for the car mainly all work done from Courteney
including the engine servicing. The original XE was running fine when removed
to house the TB engine, the only reason the project held was because i bought
a new car. ANd one of them things that got left.
So i decided to strip for parts and have sold a few. But under circumstances that have
come up now, the whole car needs to go ASAP. So I havent got the time no
more to break the rest and sell.

i remember this gte when it was on the road,it was uber clean and super fast someone buy it and put it back to its former glory
1 - 15 of 15 Posts
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