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Hi everyone, i have a Vauxhall Vivaro and im having issues with the back door!

the internal handle was broken off a very long time ago, never been an issue before

When i pull the external handle, i can see the little wires getting pulled as usual, but its not actually engaging either of the two door locks

I can manually poke a screwdriver in from inside the van and flick one of the locks (the one on the roof) its a tiny silver round thing with wire wrapped around it

But when i try to do it to the middle lock, it just moves with no resistance. So i thought id just try and get the doors open anyway (as the top lock was now undone) but it has a mechanism to stop you doing such a thing and the middle lock (black bolt that comes across) stops this

I really need to get these back doors open, got a full load on board that wont come out of the side door, any help?Oh its a 55 Plate
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