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Good Evening,

Hope everyone is safe and well in these strange times in which we find ourselves.

I have the above van which has done 145k now, The engine runs as sweet as a nut, however I've been reading that the "fit for life" chain is only good for 100k.

Given that I'm converting this to a camper van I'd like the mechanicals to be spot on, both for peace of mind and the fact that I'm possibly looking at a re-map too.
I've been reading up on this and I'm a little unclear on a couple of points, hope somebody can help.

In the manual (Haynes) it states that the crankshaft pulley and engine mount bolts need to be replaced and not re-used, also when tightening there's a 2 stage process involving an angle tightening. Are these some sort of stretch bolts? Is this why they can't be re-used?

If I do need these bolts, are they a dealer part only? Can't seem to find them on ebay.

Also does the crankshaft oil seal in the timing cover survive being take off and on? Or am i best to change that too?


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