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Having waited in most of the day for this to turn up I find it wont fit on the doorframe of my humble little terraced house.

Thought I'd give you guys first dibs on it before I stick it up on Ebay

Its a clever little unit only requring a pair of wires to hook it up for doorbell/video and sound so no expensive cabling. It will transmit up to 50 meters on standard 2 core or coax cable.

The base unit has a handset and a 3.5" black and white 35k pixel screen. It also has a handsfree facility, button for an optional door release switch and contrast controls.
It also has connections for an optional extension speaker.

The slave unit has a built in camera with infrared LED illumination so it will pick up a person in complete darkness, it also has what looks like an optoisolated output for driving another doorbell so you only need the one switch on the unit.

I've powered the unit up and had a play with it - its been used before (aparrently for demonstration purposes) but is very clean and looks almost new.

I'm after £20 for this plus postage at cost - it weighs around 2.9kg boxed up so carriage will be £7.20 by RM Parcels or £11.50 by recorded first class delivery.

Serves me right for trying to do things the easy way and not building one myself lol.
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