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Back again think i've now found the wires at long last for the rear reading lights, :D :D

1 Am i correct in thinking that vauxhall allways put the wiring in for the top of the range model and then left the cables disconnected for the accessories that were not used on that type of car i.e L.ect,

2. I'm looking at fitting cruise control to the car and i know that my drive is done by cables so i need a cable control unit any idea of part number, and were abouts the controler is housed i.e. bulkhead drivers side (bay) and i need the stalk/indicator unit inside, and need the clutch switch and the brake pedel switch, any thing else anyone can think off,
I'll take it that the wiring should be in place and that the holes will be in the pedal houseing's ect,

3. Also i'm looking at fitting front oem fog lights to the car agin i'm taking it that the wireing will be about in the area and the switch wires are already wired in to the back of the light control, So all i should need would be 2x fog light units and the switch for the dash

4. Also looking at doing the computer/trip system (right hand stalk) and replace the screen and stalk but don't have the wireing for this and don't know if it is possible to do, I know that vaux one it as an option n this car and that it cost £390 to have done but i don't know the work involved any one with any ideas again would be appriciated,

Any one any idea's if this is possible to do on this model of car as it's 1.8LS 2000(x) looked through the manuals and haynes and the wireing is showen that this is possible just woundered if anyone had tryed to do this,

Basically i'm looking at doing an upgrade to the car to a higher spec unit

Thanks Richard
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