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RE: 1997 2.5 Vectra Estate X25XE

I have recently noticed that when I start my Vectra from cold it sound like the exhaust is blowing from under the bonnet. Further investigation revealed the sound is coming from the secondary air injection pump.
As soon as the air injection cuts out (approx. 2 mins after starting) the sound goes away. I could here the motor of the secondary air pump running, but thought perhaps it wasn’t blowing air into the exhaust, allowing the exhaust gas to come out via the pump.
I disconnected the hose and found it was blowing ok.
The valve that closes when the air injection stops seems to be working ok. If once the pump has stopped I suck on the vacuum hose controlling the valve the exhaust sound comes back, suggesting the valve is working ok.
Any one got any ideas?
Could it be an exhaust valve letting by?
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