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Hi all

Our Vauxhall Vectra DTI 2.0 (2000 model) has started to go into limp mode once the car hits 75 - 80mph and the (money) ecu light comes on.

We pull over turn the ignition off then back on and it is okay again. I know people will say stop driving at 80 mph, but there is obviously a fault and a reason why it is doing this.

I went to Vauxhall and they quoted £65 + vat just to plug tech 2 into the cars diagnostic port. I thought I would look at forums at possible faults people have encountered instead of Vauxhall taking me to the cleaners saying it could be this and that and the fault still not being sorted.

I have been told it could be the MAF air sensor, its not that I'm sure because the car is okay accelerating and its power etc. Other people have said it could be the vacuum lines that go around the car to the turbo, various solenoids and to the EGR valve in front of the cylinder head they all look alright. When I remove any vacuum pipe from a solenoid or turbo, the ecu light comes on at the dash, so I am thinking the vacuum tubes are all okay.

I removed the EGR valve and the thick breather pipe that comes from the intercooler to the front of the cylinder head, a lot of oil like substance was in there. I sprayed injection air intake cleaner into to the intake at the front of the engine and removed the thick black dust build up from the EGR valve. Today I took it onto the motorway and the ECU light came on again at 75-80 mph.

I took the EGR out again to have a look, it was really thick again with black dust but no oil this time.

Also when you accelerate between 2000-3000rpm there is a hissing leak type sound coming from the front of the car, the cat and exhaust have been checked and they are okay. The turbo has no sign of leakage and whistles okay as normal.

The car has done 104,000 miles since we have had it 7 years ago.

Your advice would be much appreciated.

Kind regards


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