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Astra 1.3 cdti Estate 2014.boxer campervan 2015.
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wife came back from shops ejecting herself out of passenger door all buttons works with fob but no deadlock drivers door wont open from inside or outside anyone help

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somebody else had this problem with their passenger side door,i'm sure he won't mind me letting you have the how2 he made up,all thanks to MintyST,aka Rob :Cool2:

Door Lock How2

So you have a problem , no matter which handle you try your door won`t open. I had this problem with my 97 Vectra on the front passenger door, should be the same for the drivers door not too sure about the rear if anyone uses this to do a rear door lock please PM me thanks.

1. Remove the wing mirror cover
2. Remove the screws to remove the handle
3. Remove the handle this is a little tricky and you might break a clip on the handle due to it being tight against the dash, carefully does it
4. Remove the 2 seat retaining bolts
5. Un clip the seat front mounts and move the seat so you can gain access to the door panel lower screws
6. Now remove carefully the door panel once away from the door slide out the door panel clips, so you don`t scratch the door post trim, also be careful to ease the panel around the door speaker
7. Now slide the door panel in between the seat and the door through to the rear of the car
8. Remove the inside door lever (the one you use to open the door from the inside) and its control bar, no need to remove the bar from the lock.
9. Now the tricky bit, now you can see the lock, disconnect the loom plug
10. On the lock you will see the lock coding and the lock part number running from top to bottom
11. The coding is printed with a box around it (in white) This box is important
12. On the top edge of the box you need to drill 2 holes across the top edge of the box
13. Then carefully open the holes up to 10mm
14. You should then see two levers inside the lock
The front lever needs to be levered over to the outer of the door so it sits inline
with larger lever behind it
15. Now lever the larger lever to the inside of the car and your door opens, just like magic
16. Remove the window channel
17. Remove the lock retaining bolts and remove the lock control bars.
18. Now just fit the new lock, door panel and don`t forget to refix the seat (check the airbag wiring, just to be safe.

This took me about a hour to complete hands on that is, a little more thinking about it and understanding the lock mech.
Hope this makes you job a little easier
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