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Hello all. First post and hoping for some pro advice. Bit of a story. Here we go.
2006 vectra cdti 150

Originaly was having issues with crank pully. It broke off sending belt behind crank wheel jamming everything up, and bang. Broke all 16 rockers. Car wouldnt start. So out with the tools take head out and new one in. (Challange on its own for non mechanic)
2nd hand one off local scrap yard ,head appears to be in good condition. All seems to be going well. Everything (as far as I know) goes back to where it should. Was pretty methodical about taking things off.

While I had head off. I noticed swirl flaps where nackered so removed them altogether blanking top end holes on manifold and blanked off egr with blank plate. Split and cleaned intake manifold out (full of crud ) leaving actuator on and connected. I just removed black ball joint arm leaving everything still working as to not trip a fault . Reset timing with vx locking tool, crank and cam locked in place so assume timing must be correct. All resealed up and put back in.

Time comes to start car and eventually kicked into life. Im not a mechanic so was well pleased she went at least. Take it for a spin and here is my problem.

The car now has no power. Its not in limp mode or anything like that. It seems to rev slowly up and just will not pull. Ive checked everything was connected and also looked for any leaks but nothing seems to be out of place. Nothing I can see.

Ive noticed that when starting. Not only does it take a few cranks to get going now. Didnt before. I think it sounds different. More sort of flat. Seems sort of more air noise, if that makes sense. (thinking swirl flaps at this point) ive checked for leaks by spraying soap water around looking for bubbles and also tried spraying brake cleaner around listning for changes in idle and again dont see anything.

Ive hooked it up to launch pro3 diog and cleared all codes had an indicator fault but kniw what this is. Now currently showing nothing. No fault codes at all. No dash lights either.

My thinking is now if I get the egr swirl flaps deleted off the ecu would this bring my cars soul back. Bring back its power and that by removing the flaps is now pushing to much air. I would have thought that more air would have been better for the car and how can it have such a bad effect on the car. I hear the BMWs have issues with this and removing the flaps is a good thing.

My local guy is wanting to charge me £120 quid to do ecu work and may not fix the problem. I am wondering if there is maybe something ive missed. Could it be anything else.
Ive spent hours on this trying to save my car and im at an end. Dont want to just start throwing money at issues that may not fix it. And dont want to go and buy another new manifold either if the one I have on can be changed to work without the big job.

Can anyone add anything at all. Has anyone had same issues.

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Why have you posted the same thread twice? If the first thread hasn't been responded to there's no point in posting another thread
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