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As ever, I've left the photography to other members with better cameras than me..

However, we had a great weekend of entertainment and car related shenanigans at the annual VBOA rally at Billing.

The weekend started for me on Friday morning, with the club trailer and Zafira loaded up with all our gear, setting off from home at around 10am with plans to meet @djgritt and @stoneshed at Milton Keynes Costco to get club grub.

That plan went to pot as by 11.30am I had not even made it as far as M25 junction 12... Thanks to three separate incidents on the route up there I was in a lot of traffic. So the journey passed with me getting through a good couple of prog rock albums and finally arriving on site around 1.30pm. Dave and Phil were already on site and setting up so we began putting together the club gear, the gazebo, the tables and so forth. With a couple of beers of course.

Both the Nathan's @NathanR94 and @NathanB95 and their mates and Hannah then turned up which allowed us to have enough hands to construct the marquee, which thankfully the returning northerners remembered from the year before and yet weren't put off by.

It was then time to light the barbecue and get some food cooking for everyone. John @GREYDJ clearly had sniffed this out as well and mooched over from the mk2 stand.

Food was shared, @Matt-SRI and Jo popped over to spend the evening with us from their base only 10-15 miles away, but they were unable to stay over because they had plans to see my doppelgänger live in concert on Saturday and apparently that means you can't stay over night in a tent, especially if you're 8 months pregnant..,

@LukeLieng95 arrived along with his family and set up camp with their northern chums.

At some point, @jps1 turned up with a friend and a batch of children, and of course Bruce, and having spent several hours building the tent, joined us for some more drinks and food, and then promptly lost friends mobile phone never to be seen again!

We also unsuccessfully tried to get the generator working, after 5 minutes it conked out and died. So we sat in the dark.

Saturday morning, the sun was shining bright and early and I set about getting ready for breakfast before Dave and I had to attend the reps brief with the rest of the club reps.

Upon our return, we handed out details for a Photo Challenge, a new initiative that Dave and I had thought about. The premise was simple; we had compiled a list of 15 items we expected would be on display across the show and so asked people to take photos of these in order to score points. For example, a new Viva, a Lotus Carlton, a car with loads of stickers on etc.

@Sy and @Trish made an appearance along with Skyla the dog for a day with us.

So the day for Dave and I was spent wandering around the show, and the autojumble, seeing how many of the items on our own list we could find. Not everything appeared but we had written the list but a good proportion was available to see.

Oh yeah I had 2 ice creams before midday. Totally mental.

After some delicious lunch, Luke and some chums headed off to Laaandan for ed Sheeran concert. We had a further mooch around the club pitches, some lovely motors on display from the clubs including a rather rude supercharged Firenza. Oh and the new VXR8 GTS with a supercharged 585bhp v8! Only £55k!

We made an attempt to mend the generator where we discovered that the capacitor had blown. Great, we thought, there's probably a Maplin nearby where we can buy a new one. What time does it close? Three minutes ago. Balls.

At 7pm we completed the judging of our photo challenge. Three entrants, two teams and an individual.

In third place, Phil, winning a set of three air fresheners.

We then had a tie break for first place, between Sy and Trish and Nathan, Hannah and Scott.

In Second place, Nathan, Hannah and Scott, winning some autoglym quick detailer and microfibre. Very apt for Nathan who hadn't polished his car for the last hour or so and definitely needed to give it a once over!

In first place was therefore Sy and Trish, winning a bucket of autoglym goodies and wash mitt.

We think this was a successful suggestion for the Saturday and intend to do it again next year for people.

Whilst we were contemplating what to do for the evening, Luke's dad asked if we wanted any rice. We had been advised he runs a Chinese takeaway and the prospect of professionally cooked left overs from their dinner was very appealing. Imagine our delight when we in fact had our own specially cooked batch of fried rice and chicken curry along with an industrial portion of prawn crackers! Amazing, and he said he was coming next year. And Dave nearly missed out cos he was in the loo - You poos, you lose! (But then got a portion anyway so my joke was lost)

After dinner, a few of us headed to the billing entertainment fun fair and bar area. It's surprising how long you can make £1 worth of 2p coins last on those shuffled machines. And how many attempts Phil will make to win a stuffed pig in the grabber when he wasn't happy with only the Shaun the Sheep toy.

After a few beers, it was time for bed.

Next morning some more breakfast of course, and we made delicious gourmet breakfast burgers with onion rings filled with mushroom on top and bacon. Bliss at 7.30am on a BBQ.

Matt and Jo made another appearance and I did my best to squeeze into the back of the Monaro... Lol.

A further wander to the autojumble I purchased myself some gaffa tape, a scraper and a new tow rope for the Land Rover after my old one perished.

We then asked Luke if he wanted to enter his very tidy Corsa D 1.4 turbo as our club entry for the Chairman Cup, which he was delighted to do.

Unfortunately, just as we got to the arena, the heavens opened, very heavily, forcing everyone to take shelter in the Vauxhall marquee and I expect put a lot of people off voting for the best entry and going to another car from the show.

We packed up, and headed off into the storm. A disappointing end to a fantastic weekend.

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Top work again organising by Alex and Dave as always.

As ever your meat was good all weekend Alex, although I think you will be in trouble with slimming world as there was far too much dust eaten all weekend :)

Roll on the next VxON weekend
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