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Evening gentleman, over the course of the last couple of months I've been trying to find some suitable LED lights for my PLATE lights, originally bought bought some on EBAY, they work but they give me a dashboard ''PLEASE CHECK PLATE LIGHTS'' error on the dash. So then I tried some other ones that a FACEBOOK GROUP recommended me, same issue. Then i bought these.... 2x Vauxhall Opel VXR8 Mokka Insignia Sports Tourer Canbus LED Number Plate Light | eBay, these actually don't fit in the HOUSING, they come up a bit short (You can see in the picture below.
Automotive parking light Vehicle registration plate Automotive lighting Motor vehicle Hood

So then i bought some resistors: 2pcs LED Warning Canceller 501 T10 W5W No Canbus Error Sidelight Load Resistor | eBay, these don't even work either.

Now the question is, i want some LED for my FACEPLAYE lights that DON'T give an error on the dash!

car is:

Sports Tourer 2010 plate! Any Solutions?
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