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hi peeps how ya doing,
well i got missfire on me 2.5 cant get rid of it changed the dis pack changed the plugs and leads.genuine plugs and dis pack and normal leads vx wanted £173.00 for leads taking the peees. anyway it went on tech 2 nothing wrong with it,hmm there is m8 it dont run right,
oh and changed crank sensor and new fuel filter again genuine parts.
now here,s the thing it ticks over like a dream and it pulls like a train but when ya need to criuse it splutters and missfire.s like a bullShiting mp,its had new cambelt kit fitted new clutch complete with slave what goes ive just bought the car .love the car but im going to have sore toes and fists if i cant cure it.
2 fauls with it the fuel tank is leaking and the midle exhaust box has had a bang its nearly flat
maybe this is the cause.its scorpion system cat back so need ya help agin you wonderfull lot
got 2 kreep to u all, ohh yea the car is a st 1996-7 model.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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