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How desperate are you and how much of one are you looking for?

I have a Cav V6 CDX, I will be stripping when the weather breaks a little. It will have no interior, unless you would want the cloth one out of my GLS, some of the interior electrics will be missing, eg the loom for the rear windows, electric sunroof, sun visors. Also I will be removing all the lights and bumpers, so what will be left will be a rolling shell complete with working engine (106,000 miles, with history), which needs an alternator, however I maybe able to provide a spare. It can be heard running, I would suggest a complete change of fluids and a good service though as it has been sat for 18 months and has only been started a few times.

I reckon if I was to strip completely and sell everything, engine, 5 stud setup, weighing in the shell etc, it would bring in the region of £250 but, as I would not have to strip or store parts, I'm sure some sort of deal could be had.

There is obviously, no TAX or MOT and would need to be trailored away.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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