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Another Dead CDX
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Hi there.

Omega 2.5 V6 cd 4 dr saloon.

This question is for the fuel consumption , time , etc.. Display.

I have a problem after fitting my heater radiator, the display bulbs 2w
blew black leaving the display blank.

I have put another two bulbs 2w in and they stay lit when the ignition and the doors are locked , I cannot remeber for the life of me what they did before, Are they supposed to stay on with the ignition off or switch off with ignition ,

Its very fustrating , i have removed the bulbs to save battery power.

Can someone please have a look at theirs for me and tell me what it does.

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Right, so you have changed the heater matrix (horrible job) and now the bulbs behind the MID have blown (sods law).

The display should go out after the key is removed from the ignition.
Are there any other problems with the instrunents?

I suspect the connector is not on properly and is what I would check first.
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