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Hi folks

Our Zafira died on us last night - Driving fine no probs but we noticed that the blowers wheren't working - nor was the A/C or Rear Heated windscreen. Carried on driving thinkin that a fuse had gone and would look at it in the morning.

Driving along and then suddenly with no warning the engine stopps - No noises bangs or anything - But suddenly we see smoke coming out from under engine and from the rear (could just have been the wind pushing under car) we turned everything off and jumped out - Soon as I knew no flames etc I popped the bonnet and could see smoke (def smoke not steam) coming from under the front right of engine near the wiring.

Now she wont start - When you turn on ignition lights come on fine but when you go to fire her the starter motor turns VERY slowly and nothing happens.

RAC towed us home and he says could be to do with the alternator - But alternator was nowhere near where the smoke was coming from and all looks fine.

I'm thinking it could be starter motor but not sure if it would have caused it to stop like that whilst running?

Any ideas/suggestions where to look?

My local garage is gonna have a look Tuesday but just thought I'd pass it past the experts on here :)

Any help appreciated.



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you may have a faulty ignition switch,if it is faulty it could cause the starter to engage while the car is being driven,that will cause the starter to burn out
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