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I am about to fit a towbar to my 2013 Sports Tourer 4x4 BiTurbo - finding the right towbar has been relatively painless. However, the electrics is a nightmare.
I'm going for full 13-pin, becasue I might as well, as I can always use a 7-Pin adaptor on basic trailers.
I'm trying to install as OEM, rather than use an aftermarket CAN module, and have established that my current Rear Light Trailer Module needs changing (it's marked KU).
Most kits say this needs to be either "AD" (13310351) or "AH" (13329461); 13310351 is listed as NLS - use 13329461.
What's the difference between these two units, or is it just a case of finding the cheapest. :)
Obviously, the VX instructions say buy 13329461 (AH), because that's considered the latest PN.
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