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Hi, I just bought a (2000) V reg Tigra 1.4 Chequers for my g/friend and to my dispair can't get the heaters to work. It's only done 66k and drove 23 miles back home ok - except no heaters. I thought initially it would be thermostat but after placing in boiling water in a saucepan discovered it works ok!!

I had a look underneath and found that somebody had chopped and bridged a hose that goes to the heater matrix inlet. (the one with a 2 way valve). This pipe had a rather bad kink in it so, I obtained a new heater matrix inlet pipe from a breakers yard off an earlier Tigra ( the one with a T junction - I think this pipe comes from the head of the engine and runs to matrix inlet also somewhere by throttle (area to right by expansion tank).
Any way, after hours of tedious work replacing this pipe and refiting the valve and then replacing coolant I have run the car upto 95+ degrees with the expansion bottle lid off, heater fan on and still NO WARM ( only very slightly warm) air. The water is bubbling viciously out of the expansion tank as it soars for 100 on temp gauge - no fan kicking in and at this point I have been stopping engine and topping water back up.

Any help regarding the coolant system, bleeding or replacing pipes new for old would be greatfully received.

Many thanks

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