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UNWELL!!! :grrr

Went back to work on tuesday follwing two weeks paternity elave which passed far to quickly. Before i went back i had a swelling com up on the side of on of my teeth (gum actually) but luckily the abscess went down before i started back at work. That was the end of that.. Or so i thought!!!!......

tuesday afternoon at work.. starting to feel a little chilly, almost like shivering inside of myself, the feeling a little faint i thought it might just be i was getting hungry and dinner wouldent be long after i got home etc....

Tuesday evening passes and we have some friends over (excellent friends, cant fault them in anyway shape or form.. except the colour of the car maybe...... ;) ) but i have such a bad nights sleep that i struggle to actually move the next morning.. so phone in to work sick, guessing i just have hte flu or something...

Start to feel better during the day and have a better nights sleep on the wednesday night.. but mid morning thursday start feeling very drowsy and disorientated... go have have a quick nap.... 3 hours later (at 2pm) i wake up and feel very nauseas, feel as bad as i did that first morning but manage to drag myself out of my bed as i dont want to wake up my 2 week old son who is having a nap in his Moses basket in the corner of the bedroom... i manged to fumble my way out of the bedroom and find myself ending up in the spare bedroom sitting on the edge of the spare bed dripping with sweat.. (sarah is downstairs during all this and doesnt even realise what is happening as yet...) i manged to stumble in the bathroomas i feel i liike i am about to tro up and i mange to get the bather room door shut and thats the last thing i remember......

I find myself on the floor behind the bathroom door having dropped llike a sack of potatoes (according to how it sounded downstairs...) i managed to get my eslf up and open the bathroom door again trying to get out to get ome help and then collapse again the upstairs hallway... this time its so loud that i make our cat fall off upstairs window ledge and drop down past the living room window where sarah and her friends are sitting.. knowing now that someting is wrong.. srah come running up the stairs to find me flat on my back int eh hallway...

long and short of it..

Ambulance is called.. 3 women in green uniforms (about all i can remeber) check me over and find that all my stats are fine but think that the abcess is related to the problem so reccomnd i see my GP ASAP or go with them to hospital... I reply that as much as i would love to have a ride in an ambulance i will take the GP option....

call GP, he doesnt want to know.. :grrr

find and out of hours dentist, get prescription for antibiotics to clear up the abcess before two teeth are extracted (1 weeks time ladies and gents!) and then go to my GP today ( i spoke to a different doctor yesterday) and get signed off for at least another week........

cant wait to see what next week brings!

so, from me, sitting here at the PC with a :coke: in one hand... signing off :Cool2:

p.s. donations to the "DVD's for lee to watch while hes off work" fund are greatly appreciated!:lmao:

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You poor old love - hope you feel better soon.
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