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I've just bought a 2000 MV6 facelift, it's ex plod so is basic inside, not sure what setup it has in at the mo other than it's only a tape/radio double din.

I'm just trying to get my head around the hole upgrade thing for the Omega, the most I've ever done before on a car is change the headunit. I'm not trying to make a stunning setup, I just want it to be good enough. This is what I plan to do and buy, please tell me if i've gone horribly wrong somewhere.

MP3 Head Unit circa £70-£80
Sony CDX-GT200 *CDXGT200 MP3 CD Tuner

Single Din fascia adaptor £15

Adaptor cables £3 (for Sony in this case) & £22

Rear Speakers £20

Front Speakers £21

1) Okay so have I made any glaring omissions, I'm not looking to spend the world, will this work?

2) I've heard some stories of it being very tricky to fit adaptors in due to space restrictions, is this true?

3) Will having the replacement fascia make this any easier?

4) Will those speakers drop straight in without any adaptors or manipulation of the doors? I definitely won't be cutting bits of door here and there to make them fit. They need to just screw in.


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The front speakers will more than likely need adaptor plates from autoleads.

And personally I would look for an alternative to the Sony Headunit, look at Pioneer etc - may offer better quality.
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