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You've all looked on Ebay and thought "Who the hell would pay for that piece of tat?"

Well, I thought of this today (radio was boring so I drifted into thinking mode), and I lay down a challenge.

1). Find a piece of car related tat in your house, small tat is good, big tat is too complicated with postage costs.
2). Stick it on Ebay with no reserve and a start price of £0.99
3). Has to be a 7 day auction
4). Your description MUST be so completely over the top but it must also be vaguely honest. For example: "Buy this absolutely Fantastic lemon shaped Air freshener for your car, you'll love it and your car will love you too. Its Amazing zesty lemon aroma will drive you wild! So don't delay, buy this brilliant invention, only one left, this really is a one time only auction." An Air freshener isn't going to increase BHP... that kind of honesty! ;)

You get the idea? I just want to see what extremes we can push an ad to where people will actually view the ad, and actually bid on it

I'm working on one now for a red LED bendable light that sticks in your cigarette lighter. I found it in a car I was scrapping, and couldn't understand what possible use it could have.

Post all links in this thread.

Remember: Its got to be tat of the highest order!

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where can i get a lemon air freshener, gr8 4 mothers day

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