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I've decided to get shut of the sub and amp cluttering up the boot of my old car. The details are:

Sony Xplod XS-L121P5 12" Sub
# 30 cm, Enclosure Type Subwoofer
# Pentagon Structure to offer High Strength and Rigidity
# Rubber Surround with Stroke Stabiliser
# Peak Input Power: 1,200 W
# Rated Input Power: 350 W
Detailed specs can be found
HERE, , the sub also includes the box.

There is slight paint wear on the sub, but it's in perfect working order!

The amp:
JBL GTO 2000 400w 2/1 Channel Amp
More detailed specs can be found HERE


I'll even throw in the cables!

Any reasonable offers considered.

If need be, anyone around Sheffield can see this working :)
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