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i have for sale my t630i... its fairly basic by todays standards... but works well.

-colour screen
-polyphonic ringtones
-infra red
-java games (downloaded full version of lemmings included worth £5)

Its a decent phone.. and has served me well.. but now its time to move on.

It has its original box and is an O2 phone.. so will need unlocked to be used with anything else.

Anyone fancy it?

£30 posted

Add to this list... one Samsung D500 phone.

I just bought this off SY for £60 and i dont really need it now as ive replaced it with a newer sony ericcson.

Just wanna recover money really so £50 posted.

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is it white or black?

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Please start your own for sale thread as long as you have enough posts, do not hijack other members.


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