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Thanks again to markjay :cool:

Anyone else having problems with any New Vehicle Warranty I'd recommend contacting
SMMT (Society of Motor Manufacturers & Traders)
Consumer Advice Line: 0870 751 8270

Vauxhall requested an independent engineers report before any further warranty work would be carried out.

The £80 report submitted to Vauxhall


9 Stirling Road
FK15 9EP

R.M.CANT F.I.M.I. A.I.A.E.A. M.F.I.E.A T/A McIntyres


OUR REF: DATE: 22/02/06


Inspection on behalf of: Mr X
Vehicle: Vauxhall Omega 2.2 cdx
Mileage 16,148
Inspection Date 13TH February 2006

We confirm having examined the above captioned vehicle at Kilmarnock, our inspection was visual and no dismantling was carried out.

Mr X expressed concern that the car was not up to the standard of an almost new car with low mileage recorded.


It was clear that the car is maintained to a very high standard being in showroom condition both inside and outside. The paintwork is even in colour panel to panel in metallic silver with high gloss from regular cleaning and polishing.

The underbonnet area is spotlessly clean with no evidence of oil, fluid or coolant leaks.

Mr X pointed out uneven gaps between the bonnet and adjacent panels, it was also noted that the door and boot lid gaps were uneven. Whilst this condition is unremarkable in a mass produced car, panel fit is not really satisfactory for what is considered to be a middle to upmarket car.

The doors, bonnet and boot lid will require adjustment in order to achieve smooth and ‘in-line’ surfaces.


On road test, the car performed well, the automatic transmission was found to be satisfactory and the brakes operated without undue deviation or vibration. Mr X mentioned what he considered to be unusual or excessive engine noise.

With the engine at normal running temperature and the bonnet open we found general operating noise to be acceptable, we noted slight piston slap, valve gear rattle and injector tick at idle speed.

We found general engine noise normal for this type of engine.

Mr X has changed the engine oil and oil filter with an oil and fuel additive treatment introduced to the sump and fuel system.

All four tyres have been renewed recently, all tyres have an even tread depth of 7mm across the tread area and there was no evidence of side wall; abrasions. Bulges or cuts.

The front McPherson suspension struts and the lower wishbones have been renewed recently and we understand that front wheel alignment, (both track and camber) have received adjustment several times.

We also understand that the front wheel bearings have been renewed several times due to excess play having developed. We would consider this to be unusual, as we would expect wheel bearings to remain within normal adjustment parameters between recommended service intervals.


On the road rest we noted that the steering drifts to the near side despite previous repairs and adjustments.

There is a clearly discernible oscillation at the steering wheel, which is felt between 30 & 50 MPH. This diminishes at higher speeds but retains the same oscillation/periodicity pattern and frequency at higher speeds. This condition seems to diminish at speeds above 65MPH.

There is a vibration, which can be felt throughout the car at speeds from 20MPH and is particularly noticeable between 40 & 50 MPH. This condition is particularly evident when the front passenger sear is unoccupied whereby, the backrest vibrates and oscillates in as unnatural manner.

We found the suspension action to be harsh with initial absorption of minor road imperfections being transmitted. This condition may improve with age as the new front shock absorbers/struts mature and ‘bed in’.


The car was placed on a wheel free ramp.

At a half raised position we checked for ‘play’ at the road wheels and found no abnormal condition.

The ramp was then raised to enable an underside inspection.

In general the suspension and associated parts were in serviceable condition. Both rear shock absorbers are seeping fluid and will require replacement. The lower rear shock absorber bushes are secured by spacer/washers of different form and diameter.

The propeller shaft rotated evenly and we found no deterioration or deformity at the rubber couplings.

All engine, transmission and suspension mountings and bushes were intact with no evidence of deterioration or inherent defect or displacement.

There is vibration throughout the car, which should not be present in a vehicle of this year and mileage and which we consider to be unacceptable.

It is difficult to diagnose the problem however, there is a problem which Mr X will continue to pursue.

We understand that a full four-wheel alignment check and adjustment is to be carried out, which should eradicate the steering drift. We recommend that a thorough check is carried out to the propeller shaft, which will entail removal of the exhaust heat shields in order to check the centre bearing and support.

We also recommend a thorough check on the rear drive shafts with removal if necessary in order to check for uneven operation or ‘flat spots’ at the ball bearings and spacers.

At the time of inspection both headlamps had condensation present on the inside of the lens. We understand that the headlamps were replaced under warranty on 13.01.06. This defect is unacceptable but Mr X was informed by the Vauxhall Dealer who fitted the lamps, that the fault did not warrant replacement and was ‘normal’. The headlamps require replacement, as this condition is completely unsatisfactory.

In our opinion the defects mentioned are not acceptable and will require further investigations.

We trust this report is sufficient for your present needs.


R.M.CANT F.I.M.I. A.I.A.E.A. M.F.I.E.A T/A McIntyres


Vauxhall's reply

Please note that in responding to your request for assistance we will store your personal details and respective correspondence on our customer care database.
Service Request No. : 1-xxxxxxxxx
Date : 3 March 2006

Dear Mr X

I write in response to the report submitted by McIntyres, regarding your Vauxhall Omega, registration number xxxx xxx

Having reviewed your case with Mr R Armstrong Vauxhall Customer Support Manager, we do not feel there are any outstanding concerns with this vehicle that are warranty related. However, if you can supply evidence that a manufacturing defect is present then we would address the concern under the terms and conditions of The New Vehicle Warranty.

In the absence of this evidence, we now consider this matter closed and I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for allowing us to comment.

Yours sincerely

Larry Healy
Customer Service Manager
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