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Samsung D500 pay-as-you-go on 02. Simcard available (free) if wanted. Excellent condition, still have box and destructions plus charger and ear piece/loud speaker thingy.
My lad`s phone, he`s now bought a Walkman one so surplus to requirements.
I`ll see if `er indoors has kept the receipt for it, I think it`s only about 4 months old.
I think there`s quite a few ring tones with it and probably some pictures as well, and if not I have some I can blue tooth over.
Please remember it`s owned by a 13 year old lad so knowing him there may be pictures on which are unsuitable for kids/girls/mums but they`re easy to delete!
He wants £80 for it, it is in excellent condition and can post out at cost. I think insured postage will be around a tenner, maybe someone else could confirm this?
Failing that collction is fine from near Chester, Cheshire.
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