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Hello all,

I think its about time i posted this up for sale as i have been meaning to do for ages. :crying_2:

1995 M-Reg Rover 827 Sterling

2.7 V6 Honda variant engine :p (absolutly purrs)
5 Speed auto with sports button,
138k miles
Alloy Wheels,
Full cream leather,
Climate control,
Electric Sunroof,
Cruise Control,
Electric Windows and Mirrors,
Electric and heated seats,
Fully integrated phone system, currently supporting Nokia 5110,
Power steering,
Rover stereo with 6 disc changer in boot (or is it 10? not to sure)
Good tyres
Paintwork is very good minus one lil dent which isnt noticable.

Car has no tax or mot, but im sure i can get the mot, history im unaware of, its been in the family for about 3-4 years and before it was a chauffeur car for a company.

Needs a clean and a hoover which im sure i can do.

Anything else you think ive missed then tell me.

Wanting £600

PM me or ring, 07815616421

Pics to come as soon as photobucket stops playin about


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jatco boxes are only 4 speed and have the option of being either 3 speed or 4 speed in the "S" position

cd changer is a 6. phillips dc082

any idea when it had the cam belt and waterpump changed?

is there any tappet noise?

would you be gutted if someone bought it and stripped it?

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tbh i wouldnt be gutted if someone brought it and stripped it.

I have no idea when the cambelt and water pump changed, up until we had it it had a full service history, we used it for a while and since its just sat there for about 3 years as a new car came.

and there is not tappet noise as i remember, if there is its going to be very minute.

And there is suppost to be some history somewhere, just got to find it lol

Although stripping it does seem to be a bit pointless, apart from one very small minor dent its immaculate

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can you have a look in the book and see when the cambelt was done ?

If it had a FSH it should have been done before you got it
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