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Hi all,

After selling my V6 Cavalier last November I bought a lovely Volvo 850 T5 off a mate, and after being crippled by its fuel bills (20-22mpg) I've given it the heave ho! It was a lovely car but just too big, thirsty and well.........really boring actually! I really, really, REALLY regret selling my V6 Cav because it was a lovely car and totally immaculate but hey ho, anyway I’m saving towards a holiday now and my dads just retired so we’re thinking about sharing his 2000 Vectra GSi (MSD!) since he has no use for it apart from “social and pleasure” and I have a van for work.

If it all works out we’ll go with Direct Line as they offer those NCB for named drivers, does anyone know if I can use my existing 1 years no claims with ASDA if I am to be a named driver?

Anyway hope you guys forgive me for forsaking the Vauxhall brand, be it temporary! I hope to add myself to the ranks of the Veccy GSI drivers soon!:cool:
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