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the simplest way is to substitute the present poss battery terminal with a distribution block, say a 0 guage in to 4x 4 guage out, connect the 4x 4 guage outputs to the present wiring. connect the 0 guage input to the battery's poss terminal in the boot, obviously you should protect all cable runs with suitable fuses.

earth wise, up front use a dizzy block earthed to the chassis, in the boot earth the battery to the chassis.

if i was to do mine, i would do it like this;

1, relocate batt to boot,(unless a sealed batt is used vent to outside car, also ensure batt is located firmly in place).
2, fit 0awg to 4x 4awg distribution block under the bonnet,(build suitable mounting platform).
3, fit new alt to batt charge lead incorporating circuit breakers,(one near alt, & one near the batt), using 0awg cable
4, connect positive terminal of battery to front distribution block, again using 0awg cable protected by a circuit breaker
5, connect present power feeds to the 4x 4awg side of the distribution block
6, fit a second distribution block under the bonnet for the earth connections
7, fit 0awg earth cable between distribution block and cars chassis
8, connect all earth leads to the earth distribution block
9, fit 0awg earth from battery to chassis in the boot
10, should be ready to connect battery now.

doing it this way,(with 2 0awg cables ) basically means that the car is using the battery over the alt, if you do it using one run of 0awg then you will have current running in both directions through one cable
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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