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Hi I reasontly had a new rear window fitted to my Vauxhall Zafira tourer SE 2017.
The car window fitter said that there WAS a button like cover and a partial wire attached, (now missing, after broken glass cleared up!) but he said he did not think it seemed to be doing anything.
Can anybody clarify the following questions for me?

1) what it is? ( please look at picture)

2) what does it do?

3) is it perhaps an earth wire missing ( something I read) and if not connected then would it overheat and make rear window shatter?

The rear heated window IS working as I felt the warmth through outside of rear window after pressing the rear heater switch on twice - is this normal to be able to feel quite a warm window?

P.O.I - it does have a dab radio, 4.0 infotainment system, apple/android connection- (if applicable/ helpful info) to these questions?

Many thanks in advance for any advice.



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I wondered on mine too.

Best thinking for me so far is a light sensor for the rear view mirror for dodgy headlights etc
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