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my mini is up for sale it is a:

1/10th fwd touring car
m03 chassis car complete with new -rare and unpainted bodyshell also comes with a ropey muck about shell

the car itself is far from standard:

ball raced
ball differential
oil filled shocks
it has an almost new set of radial tyres on it
and a set of almost new chrome wheels on it which i got off ebay at considerable expence (they are getting fairly rare now)
has a new tamiya esc on it
2 different pinnion gears 18 and 20tooth

it comes with battery, radio and a few spares i have

problems with it:

it has a few scuffs on the bottom of the chassis
the drive gears are getting a little worn - tho you can still drive the car

all in all a fantastic little car very easy and fun to drive and will do you proud!
looking for £70 delivered

pm me if you are interested i'll try and get pictures
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