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One of the Pulleys or Rollers on my Vectra C 1.9cdti 150 bhp on a 56 plate has started chirping, I understand this is a common thing on Vectras of a certain mileage, it doesn't do it all the time, after watching a few videos on Youtube they claim its the bottom roller that is usual suspect, they quoted a part number for Vauxhall and Alfa Romeo as its the same engine in both vehicles.

So today I rang Vauxhall, part number GM 55190811 gentleman said that number is an old number and be superseded by GM 55190812 but he couldn't understand which roller I needed so he emailed me the page from their system, and quoted me a price of £50 + vat for a roller.

So I rang Alfa Romeo with the part number of 51776566 he quoted £31 + Vat

But putting the same part numbers in Ebay comes back with prices from £7 to £60, so has anybody had this same issue and do you know the correct part number.
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