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Yesterday I change power steering fluid(PSF). It is simple procedure, one man can do it.
For PSF Insignia uses DEXRON VI ATF, OEM No. Opel/Vauxhall 1940184 GM 93165414
You will need 2 litres, maybe less depending on your system. My has oil cooler and it need 1,2-1,4 litres(A20NHT).

Locate PSF reservoir, between radiator and battery, has steering wheel picture on top...
Remove rubber caseing by pulling it upward gently.
Reservoir has 2 hoses, one on left bigger is feed to the pump and other smaller on right is return line from cooler/radiator/system-THIS ONE IS REMOVED IN PROCESS.
Drain fluid from reservoir. when you see white filter, locate 1/4 hole in it(feed to the pump) and drain it as much as you can from it. (upper left corner on pic)

This is done so fluid dont spill in the engine bay when return hose is removed. If you are sure what are you doing you can skip this part...

Remove electric connectors so you have space to work, two on chassi and one on reservoir.

Now we remove return hose...

Remove clamp from rubber hose on reservoir and remove hose from pipe. Put some container benith for oil to drain(at least 0.5L).
Now use old oil and pour it back to reservoir so it can rinse filter other way, oil will drain in container(one at least 0,5L). Remove conteiner with old oil from car.
If filter is clean you can skip this step.
Plug hole in reservoir where hose was with something so new oil which you add to reservoir dont spill out.
Rubber hose from cooler put in some container (at least 1,5L).

Raise car so front wheels are off the ground.

Turn steering wheel full left OR right, then other way until reservoir is empty. Oil should start coming out returne line and into the container(at least 1,5L).
Now pour NEW oil to reservoir, again continue turning steering wheel full left /right and watch oil level in reservoir, dont let it empty itself as new oil is pushed into system and old is removed through return line to conteiner(1,5L).
Add oil, turn wheel full right/left, repeat until new oil start coming out return line. (at this point it is easier to have someone slowly turning wheels so you can watch oil flow).

Close lid on reservoir, remove temporary plug from it, put finger on hole so no oil leak. Then put rubber hose back on pipe and put clamp on place. Wipe any fluid spilled...

Open lid, fill new oil tu level and close lid. Turn wheels full left/right 5-10times. Check oil level constantly, dont let it empty, add if needed.
Start car, turn wheels full left/right 5-10times. Check oil level constantly, dont let it empty, add if needed.

Lower car. Chack for leaks. Put 3 connectors back in place, put rubber cover back in place.

Check oil level after some driving, add oil if needed.

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Summa summarum

If you chack PSF, wipe it and it looks clean as in picture

This is how it actually looks....
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